As a core church community within Congress WBN, New Horizons carries a prophetic mandate to impact the whole Body of Christ. So beyond developing a local base in Coventry and working with churches in this city, we are actively involved in initiatives that are directed towards building a mature global church. This charge is carried deeply in the hearts of believers throughout Congress WBN and here at New Horizons.Loving and serving the global church is an integral part of who we are.

Our approach to achieving this is multi-faceted:

  •  We build our lives according to scriptural principles in every aspect of life: relationships, parenting, marriage, family, finances, work, character development and moral choices
  • We pray diligently and passionately for the strengthening and maturing of the whole Body of Christ, and particularly the churches across the UK and Europe.
  • We are intentional about offering wisdom and resources to enable other churches to apply these same principles in their own context
  • We provide teaching and training to pastors, leaders and believers to bring them into greater understanding of what God is doing in the earth today through Apostolic Reformation.
  • We invest our finances, time and people for the benefit of the local, regional and global purposes of God. This includes members of our community working on global teams